2023 Registrants Include: 

By Company Name
Bob Rheel, CEO, ABIC
Daniel Boisvert, CEO/President, AccuRisk Solutions LLC
Angela Matherly, Director, Risk Management, Acuity Brands
Greg Amend, President, ADE Insurance Company
Scott Soutar, CEO, ADE Insurance Company
Les Boughner, Chairman, Advantage
Liam Fleming, Managing Director, Advantage
Claire Hutchinson, Senior Account Manager, Advantage
Andrea Mugglestone, Senior Account Manager, Advantage
Vincent Drouillard, General Counsel , AerCap
Patrick Ross, VP  Corporate Legal, AerCap
Patrick Treacy, Chief Insurance Officer , AerCap Ireland
Eric Halter, Director Alternative Markets, AF Group
Ian Podmore, Director of Captive Operations, AF Specialty
Dan Duncan, Captive Specialist, Agile Premium Finance Captive Specialists
Michael Vincent, Captive Specialist, Agile Premium Finance Captive Specialists
Ambra Debernardi, Director of Multinational Business & Broker Dev., AIA Group
Shah Rouf, CEO, Group Corporate Solutions, AIA Group
Alex Scherer, Principal, AJMS Consulting
Walt Black, SVP Risk Management, Alabama Farmers Cooperative, Inc
Cathy Colbert, Director of Captive Management, Align Risk Solutions
Brad Mazur, Managing Director, AM Best
Vin Foderingham, Chief Insurance Officer, Amazon
Matt Gaschel, Chief of Staff to the Chief Insurance Officer, Amazon
Milan Pavlik, Captive Director, Amazon
Phillip Wiedower, Program Lead, Origami, Amazon
Gary Roche, Captive Strategy and Risk Manager,
Gordon Thompson, Actuarial Consultant, AmeRisk Consulting
Francisco Velez, Vice President, Amphora
Steven Kent, Board Memberr, AMSkier Reinsurance Co.
Aimee Skier, Vice President, AMSkier Reinsurance Company, Ltd.
Henry Skier, Chair, AMSkier Reinsurance Company, Ltd.
Jeffrey Skier, Vice President, AMSkier Reinsurance Company, Ltd.
Audree Gregoire-Forget, Global Benefits Consultant, Aon
Dany Mathieu, Sr. Vice President, Captive EB Services, Aon
Sven Roelandt, Global Leader EB Captive Services, Aon
Elizabeth Steinman, Managing Director, Aon Risk Finance & Captive Consulting
Bob Spadafore, Director, Apex Excess & Surplus
Allen Chiu, Captive Manager, Apple
Susan Fleming, Sr Director Global Benefits, Apple
Matthew Carr, Partner, Appleby
Joseph  Gingold , Insurance - Product Manager , Arbol, Inc.
Hong Guo , EVP & Chief Insurance Officer , Arbol, Inc.
Alaina Varella, Assistant General Counsel, Insurance , Arbol, Inc.
Jun Deng, Director of Operations, Insurance , Arbol, inc. 
Keith Nevett, Head of Business Development, Asta
Ignacio  Romanelli, Owner, Atlantes Re
Mariano Ruiz, President, Atlantes Re
Larissa Niederer, Underwriting and Claims Manager, Atlas Insurance Management
Kristy Swink, Captive Producer, Atlas Insurance Management
Stéphane Godier, Regional Head Americas, AXA Climate
Steven Bauman, Global Programs & Captives Director, Americas, AXA XL
Rana Gillmon, Senior Client Relationship Leader, AXA XL
Allan Jackson, Client Relationship Leader, AXA XL
Austin Su, Head of Structured Risk Solutions, Americas, AXA XL
Tanya McCartney, CEO & Executive Director, Bahamas Financial Services Board
Rianna  Sobiech, Marketing & Special Projects Officer, Bahamas Financial Services Board
Konstantin Grinberg, Head of Commercial Lending , Bankwell
Matthew  McNeill , EVP & Chief Banking Officer, Bankwell
William Merz, FVP/Relationship Manager, Bankwell
Timae Flood, Assistant Director, Bermuda Monetary Authority
Gerald Gakundi, Director, Bermuda Monetary Authority 
Hector Plascencia, Vice President, Risk Advisory, BFL CANADA
Armin Shaw, Insurance Advisor, BKS
Marc Cunningham, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, Broadspire Services, Inc.
Bri Young, Account Executive, Brown & Brown
Rick Manuel, Vice President, Butterfield
Mark Barrie, President, Cal-Southampton Reinsurance, LTD.
Matthew Moore, Director of Insurable Risk, CamGen Partners
Richard Serina, Director, Americas Risk Management, Canon U.S.A., Inc.
Steven  Himelstein , VP Legal, Canon USA
Lisa Willitts, President, Captive Advisory Partners LLC
sheila small, Executive Director, Captive insurance group of New Jersey
Monica Sturgeon, Business Development Manager,
Gregory Cook, President/CEO, CARE Risk Retention Group
Nicola  Neilon, Shareholder, Casey Neilon Inc
Rafael Castillo, CEO, Castelo Insurance Group
Cyndi David, Underwriting Specialist, Caterpillar Insurance Company, Ltd.
Chris Jarrard, Chief Risk and Compliance Oficer, CBC
steve arak, EVP, Cbiz
Tony Consoli, SVP & Practice Leader, Alternative Risk, CBIZ Insurance Services, Inc.
Kristen Peed, Director, Corporate Risk Management, CBIZ, Inc.
Guilden Gilbert, CEO, Chandler Gilbert Captive Managers
michael sullivan, CFO, Cheney Brothers
Gregory Agnone, President & CEO, Chestnut Hill Insurance Group
Rob Osha, Director of Risk Management, Chewy
Bryan Ridgway, Managing Partner & COO, CIC Services, LLC
Dan Towle, President , CICA - Captive Insurance Companies Association
Jason Oswald, President & Managing Director, CIRCA Managers
Alex Petrovich, Chief Operating Officer, Circle Star Insurance Company, a RRG | Specialty Transportation Core Insurance
Andy Lucht, CEO, Circle Star Insurance Company, RRG
Alese Fisher, Director - FWB - Engagement and Navigation, Comcast Corporation
Sandy Truman-Swayne, Vice President, Comerica Bank
Jon Fraga, Relationship Manager, Comerica Bank 
Mike  McCarty, Relationship Manager, Comerica Bank 
Josh Butler, Founder/CEO, CompScience Insurance Services
Ruth leestma, manager, consolidated captive in co
Marc Leestma, manager, consolidated captive insurance co.
Greg  Arms, Senior Advisor , CoverSelf
Greg Youngblood, SVP & Chief Client Officer, Crawford & Company
Mark Coyle, AVP, Crum & Forster
David Kaplan, VP, Crum & Forster
John Davidson, Member, Davidson Risk Consulting, LLC
Niall Baillie, SVP, Davies Captive Management
Adam Clark, Staff Accountant, Davies captive Management
Jonathan Habart, Director of Captive Insurance Accounting, Davies Captive Management
Jeffrey Kenneson, President, Davies Captive Management
Dennis Silvia, Executive Vice President, Davies Captive Management
Nicholas Dove, Chairman, Davies Captive Management Limited
Sarah Fletcher, Vice President, Davies Captive Management Limited
Nicholas Frost, President, Davies Captive Management Limited
Nicholas Frost, President, Davies Captive Management Limited
Maggie Gineva, Head of Legal & Company Secretarial , Davies Captive Management Limited
Simon Gregory, Vice President , Davies Captive Management Limited
Maria Angeles Riela, Compliance Manager, Davies Captive Management Limited
Steven Crabb, Chief Executive Officer, Davies Group
Sam O'Shaughnessy, SVP, Davies Group
Shyam Raikundalia, Chief Compliance Officer, Davies Group
Aran  Quinn, Attorney, deerfieldcompanypc
Darlinda Moffett, Office Manager, Delaware Captive Bureau, Department of Insurance
Stephen Taylor, Director, Bureau of Captive and Financial, Delaware Department of Insurance
Charles Lavelle, Partner, Dentons Bingham Greenebaum
Bailey Roese, Partner, Dentons Bingham Greenebaum LLP
Brenden Beeg, Business Development Manager, North America, Descartes Underwriting
Alessandro Girelli, Underwriting Manager, Descartes Underwriting
Anu Andrew, Financial Examiner, District of Columbia Department of Insurance, Securities and Banking
Sean  O'Donnell, Director of Financial Examination, District of Columbia Department of Insurance, Securities and Banking
Larry Walters, EVP-Administration and Operations, Diversified Growth Solutions
Thomas  Williams, Managing Director, Draconem Holdings
David Channing, CEO, DSV Captivva
Bernard Granados, CPO, DSV Captivva
Anthony  Hess, Incident Response Director, DSV Captivva
Alex Symons, Director, DSV Captivva
Danya Williams, Director of Captives, DSV Captivva
Fred Miller, Senior Vice President, DW Van Dyke & Co.
Paul Scope, Chairman, Ed Broking (Bermuda) Ltd
Robert Fenley, Director, Insurance Risk Management , Edward Jones
Eddie Majus, President, EM CARGO LLC
Gerry Coeppicus, Owner / CEO, EV Tech International LLC
P. Bruce Wright, Senior Counsel, Eversheds Sutherland (US) LLP
Darwin Lucas, Chief Underwriting and Reinsurance Officer, Everspan
Kevin O'Connor, Chief Production Officer, Everspan
Jim Bulkowski, Americas Captive Insurance Services Co-Leader, EY
Andrew Christie, Senior Manager, EY
Paul Phillips, Partner, Global Captive Network Co-Leader, EY
Mikhail Raybshteyn, Partner, US Captive Insurance Services Co-Leader, EY
Brad Schock, Senior Manager, EY
Jason Kimpel, Attorney, Faegre Drinker Biddle & Reath LLP
Lawrence Stern, Director – Insurance & Financial Services, Faegre Drinker Consulting
Ryan  Hoover, Business Analyst, FairShare Insurance Company
Kirk Watkins, President, FairShare Insurance Company
Kirk Watkins, President, FairShare Insurance Company
Michael Scott, VP & Associate General Counsel, Insurance, Farmers Business Network, Inc.
Erin Dettlo, Assistant Vice President, FIRST Insurance Funding
Jonathan Picaso, Risk Management Senior Analyst, First Insurance Funding
Thibault Maillet, Finance Director, Insurance Services, Flexport
Trevor Shanklin, Head of Insurance, Flexport
John Marston, CEO, Free Market Administrators, LLC
Jeffrey Kaplan, Business Development, Fulton Realty Capital
Robert Pettit, Sr Area Vice President, Gallagher
Amy O'Brien, Vice-President, Gallagher Bassett
Amy O'Brien, Vice President, Gallagher Bassett
Christina  Swan, Director, Garden Insurance Company of Vermont
Rauan Daukenov, CEO, GB insurance Ltd. 
Elizabeth Fields, Regional Manager, Generali Employee Benefits
Daniela Masters, Head of Global Health & Wellbeing Programmes , Generali Employee Benefits
Marc Reinhardt, Regional Director, Generali Employee Benefits (GEB)
Brian  Johnston, CEO, Genesis Legacy Insurance Co. ( Vermont) Ltd.
Thomas Hodson, President and General Counsel, Genesis Legacy Solutions, LLC
Marianne Eggleston, Founder, Global Innovative Insurance Agency Inc.
Prince Levy, Agent, Global Innovative Insurance Agency Inc.
Dejon Delpino, Insurance Manager, Gowan Company
Ethan Allen, Director – Business Development, GPW and Associates
nathan feiner, VP, Grandview
michael schwimmer, CEO, Grandview 
BILL FITZPATRICK, Senior Vice President, Business Development, Granite Management Limited
VREJ PLIPOSIAN, Director, Granite Management Limited
BRIAN QUINN, Director, Granite Management Limited
Rick Hartmann,, Guy Carpenter
timothy pollis, Senior Vice President, guy carpenter
Thomas Giangiulio, CEO, H.A. Thomson Company
Vanessa Harper, Insurance Program Manager, Hartford HealthCare
Marco Hensel, SVP Underwriting , HDI Global
Jason  Tyng, Captive Lead, HDI Global
Jelto Borgmann, Actuary DAV, HDI Global SE
Will Trumbull, Head of Sales & Distribution, HDI Global US
Ronen Kaminitz, CEO, HGR
Steve Miller, Vice President, Captive Sales and Marketing, Higginbotham
Jonathan Bracamonte, Lead, Product Development, HIROC 
Shahbaz Haque, Director, Insurance Services, HIROC 
Kavita Patel, Global Insurable Employee Benefits Specialist, HSBC
Ashley Bauer, Executive Risk Practice Leader, Huntington Insurance
Denise Stone, SVP, Huntington National Bank/HCIC
Dawn Dinardo, Director of Captive Management Operations, Hylant Global Captive Solutions
Alex Gedge, Senior Captive Consultant, Hylant Global Captive Solutions
Adam Miholic, Senior Captive Consultant, Hylant Global Captive Solutions
Claire Richardson, Captive Consultant, Hylant Global Captive Solutions
Julia Schroeck, Senior Account Manager, Hylant Global Captive Solutions
Anne Marie Towle, Global Captive Solutions Leader, Hylant Global Captive Solutions
Nate Reznicek, Head of US Distribution, I-RE Miami
Carl  Culmewr Jr., Manager-Policies & Practices, Insurance Commission of the Bahamas
Michelle Fields, Superintendent of Insurance, Insurance Commission of the Bahamas
Gerard Lightfoot, Analyst, Supervision Unit, Insurance Commission of the Bahamas
Carolyn Humphrey, President, Integrity Managers
Jack Gibson, President and CEO, IRMI
Bill Plisga, VP Risk Management , Jani-King  Insurance Services, LLC
Daniel Fietterer, Senior Accountant, Captive Insurance, John Deere Indemnity
Allan  Autry, Tax Partner, Johnson Lambert
Adam Dubuque, Partner, Johnson Lambert
Alex Murray, Principal, Johnson Lambert
robert mason, Executive Director, JP Morgan
Justin Fones, Account Executive, Keystone Risk Partners/Sunstone
Raymond Rocchio, EVP, Keystone Risk Partners/Sunstone
Michael Norek, President, KFDA
Michael Woodroffe, President, Kirkway International Ltd
Kevin  Rettberg, Head of Insurance , Lanefinder 
Vanessa Borrero, Global Benefits Director, Liberty Latin America
Peter Rapciewicz, EVP - Alternative Risk Practice Leader, Lockton Companies
Michael Lee, Director of Risk Finance, Lyft
Mark Jacobs, Chairman & CEO, Madison Insurance Group
Arthur Koritzinsky, Product Solutions Leader, Captive Solutions - US, Marsh
Donna  Weber, Pooling & Cell Facilities Leader, Captive Solution, Marsh
Adam Forstot, Sr. VP Alternative Risk, Marsh & McLennan Agency
michael serricchio, Managing Director, Marsh Captive Solutions
John Forde, Senior Consultant, Marsh McLennan Agency
Domenic Giordano, Business Development Associate, Marsh McLennan Agency
Stephanie Lefkowski, Strategic Captive Intelligence, Marsh McLennan Agency
Larry Howley, Senior Account Executive, MAXIS Global Benefits Network
Leena Johns, Chief Health & Wellness Officer, MAXIS Global Benefits Network
Maile Mathews, Senior Account Manager, MAXIS Global Benefits Network
Mattieu Rouot, Chief Executive Officer, MAXIS Global Benefits Network
Erica Sebastianutti, Regional Manager  - Business Development, MAXIS Global Benefits Network
Daniela Soza, Account Manager, MAXIS Global Benefits Network
TBC TBC, TBC, MAXIS Global Benefits Network
Rayo Velasco, Marketing and Communications Manager, MAXIS Global Benefits Network
Alan Buckley, Partner, Mercer
Jared Lamb, Director of TPA Operations, Meritus Group
Frank Huang, Head of P&C Actuarial, Merlinos & Associates - A Davies Company
David Piner, Captive Director, Michigan Department of Insurance and Financial Services
Bryan Anderson, Managing Director, Michigan Municipal Risk Management Authority
Tony Ciofani, AVP, Captives, Midwest Employers Casualty
Bill  Daiber, Underwriting & Business Dev Director-Captives, Midwest Employers Casualty
Mike Meehan, Principal, Milliman, Inc.
Kris George, Managing Director, MIS Insurance Services
Jodi Harrison, Captive Insurance Financial Analyst , Missouri Department of Commerce & Insura
Sam Komo, Captive Insurance Manager , Missouri Department of Commerce & Insurance
Sasha Dobrovolska, Safety Manager, National Express Carriers
Irakli Sahlthucisvili, General Manager, National Express Carriers
Anta-Nae Butterfield, Employee Benefits Underwriter, Nautilus Indemnity Holdings Limited
Courtney Claflin, Head of Insurance - President , Nereus Ins. Co. Inc/Fluid Market, Inc 
Michelle Smith, Senior Manager, Captive Management, Newmont Corporation
Jonathan Abbott, Senior Vice President, NFP
TJ Scherer, Vice President, NFP Segregated Cell Facility
Michael Arcangel, Chief Captive Analyst, North Carolina Department of Insurance
Lori  Gorman, Deputy Commissioner, North Carolina Department of Insurance
Joseph Rosenberger, Senior Captive Analyst, North Carolina Department of Insurance
Eric Gardzina, Senior Vice President Risk Management , Ob Hospitalist Group 
Victor Gallardo, Captive Analyst, Oklahoma Insurance Department
Steve Kinion, Captive Insurance Director, Oklahoma Insurance Department
Andrew Schallhorn, Director, Oklahoma Insurance Dept.
Paul Carleton, Executive Vice President - Business Development, Old Republic Risk Management
Mike  Posko, Account Executive - Business Deveopment , Old Republic Risk Management
Jack Meskunas, Executive Director, Oppenheimer & Co. Inc
John Meskunas, Registered CSA, Oppenheimer & Co. Inc
Jaime Rueda, CFO, Orion Reinsurance (Bda) Limited
Gabriel Rueda, CEO, Orion Reinsurance (Bermuda) Ltd.
luke liu, CEO, Pasaca Insurance Company Ltd
luke liu, CEO, Pasaca insurance company Ltd.
Stephanie Mapes, Director, Paul Frank + Collins P.C.
John James, Head of Business Development, Performa
Warren Miller, Client Relationship Manager, Performa
Sandi Prescott, Head of Client Service, Performa
William Curtis, Partner, Picasso
Bevlyn Donohue, Partner, Picasso
James Bailey, Managing Director - OCIO Solutions, PNC
Kimberlene Matthews, Managing Director, PNC
Dylan  Feringa, Assistant Vice President, PNC Institutional Asset Management
Wade Meadows, Head of Insurance Asset Management, PNC Institutional Asset Management
Anjanette Fowler, Managing Director , PNC Institutional Asset Management 
Michael Corbett, Director, PNFP Insurance, Inc.
Laura Sims, Vice , President - Captive Solutions 
Robert Vogel, President, Pro Group Captive Management Services
Jay Stobaugh, Managing Partner, R&J Risk Transfer
Greg  Lang, Founder, RAIN LLC
Osamu Matsushima, Senior Managing Director, RAM International Co., Ltd.
Sharon Brando, Captive Vice President , RCS  Indemnity 
Beth Mineau, Risk Manager / President of RCS Indemnity , RCS Indemnity 
Roger Naut, Partner, Regal Claim Services of New York, LLC
Diana Hardy, Audit Partner, RH CPAs
Leane Rafalko, Audit Manager, RH CPAs
Leon Rives II, Chief Visionary Officer, RH CPAs
Kevin Poole, Partner, Risk & Insurance Strategy Consutants (RISCS)
HENRIK BIRKKJÆR, Client Advocate, RiskVille
HELLE HUNDEBØLL, Client Advocate, RiskVille
Marcy VanStee, Director of Captive Acquisitions, RiverStone
Greg Cobb, Director / Insurance Solutions, Sage Advisory
Robert Barker, Captive Owner, Scott National Assurance Co.
Robin Roeder, SVP Risk Management, Sedgwick
John Webb, Self, Self
Andrew Rich, CEO, Self Employed 
Robert Gruhl, Managing Principal , SFC Consulting LLC
Joseph Inwald, Risk Manager, Sherr Development
Gabriel Perez, CEO/FOUNDER, SI Group Holdings LLC
Michelle Bradley, Consulting Actuary, SIGMA Actuarial Consulting Group, Inc.
Al Rhodes, President & Senior Actuary, SIGMA Actuarial Consulting Group, Inc.
Joe McDonald, Director of Captives, South Carolina Department of Insurance
Lauren Robertson, Supervising Financial Analyst-Captives Division, South Carolina Department of Insurance
Henry Cabaniss, Director, Risk, Southern Glazer's Wine & Spirits
Patrick McNamara, SVP Facilities & Risk, Southern Glazer's Wine & Spirits
John Yaple, Director of Captive Insurance, Specialty Captive Group / GlobalCore
Gui Orliac, Head of Captives Solutions, SpeedGauge
Prabal Lakhanpal, Senior Vice President, Spring Consulting Group
Karin Landry, Managing Partner, Spring Consulting Group
Brad Meindersma, Senior Vice President, SRS
Scott Kurland, Managing Director, Insurance Solutions, SS&C Technologies, Inc.
Jereme Ramsay, Director, SS&C Technologies, Inc.
Stan Szczepanik, Vice President, SS&C Technologies, Inc.
Chris Travis, Sales Associate, SS&C Technologies, Inc.
John Dunne, Captive Insurance Specialist, State of Tennessee: Captive Division
Michael Schulz, Captive Director of Business Development, State of Tennessee: Captive Division
Daniel Clements, Captive Assistant Director, State of TN: Captive Division
Charlotte Gentry, Captive Lead Analyst , State of TN: Captive Division
Denise Martin, Captive  Admissions Coordinator, State of TN: Captive Division
Sandy Bigglestone, Deputy Commissioner, Captive Insurance, State of Vermont
Brittany Nevins, Captive Insurance Economic Development Director, State of Vermont
Amber Walsh, Regulator, State of Vermont
James DeVoe-Talluto, Assistant Director, State of Vermont Department of Financial Regulation
Edgar Steuerwald, Insurnance Agent , Steuerwald Insurance Group
Paul Dzielinski, Managing Director, Stonybrook Capital
Luis Delgado, Director, Superior Risk Solutions (Bermuda) Limited
Joseph Marcantel, President, Talisman Insurance Company, Inc.
Mark Selman, Partner, Tall Tree Administrators, LLC
Linda  Spann, Director of Marketing, Taylor-Walker Consulting, LLC
Hugh  Hill, CEO, TCI Advisors
Susan Zabolotniuk, Director, Risk, Insurance & Claims, Teck Resources Ltd.
MARIANA MIHURA, Global Insurance Manager, Ternium
Andrew Baillie, Program Director, Global Insurance , The AES Corporation
Jordache Rawson, Vice President, The Bank of N.T. Butterfield & Son Limited
Santiago Garcia, Sr. Director - Global Risk Management & Insurance, The Brink's Company
Fred Dais, Managing Principal , The Days Group Inc
Benjamin Terner, Managing Director, The Einstein Group
Philip Dugger, VP Risk Management, The Geo Group, Inc (aka Florina Insurance Company, Inc)
Tim Ley, Captive Business Development, The Hartford
Andrew Cohn, Director of Risk Management, The Related Group
Harrison  Guber, Assistant Risk Manager, The Related Group
Christopher Brown, Underwriter, Travelers
Ashley Hill, Account Executive Officer , Travelers
Wayne Robertson, Vice President - Excess Property, Travelers
Eric Szczygiel, Account Executive, Travelers Insurance
gary munsterman, Alternative Risk Practice Leader, TRISTAR
Brian Fleming, III, Principal, Triton Claim Management, LLC
John Fleming, III, Principal, Triton Claim Management, LLC
Mark Lobel, Principal, Triton Claim Management, LLC
Richard Morman, Senior Risk Manager, Tropicana Brands Group
Dan Cook, Principal & Practice Leader, TrueNorth Companies
Joseph Monaco, Sr. Vice President, Manager of Reinsurance , Truist Bank
Donny Tong, Senior Vice President, Truist Bank
Helen Stephenson, SVP Underwriting, United Insurance Company
Karen Hsi, Interim Executive Director- Captive Programs, University of California Office of the President
Juan Lopez, Country Manager, USA Specialty Insurance, LLC
John Medina, CEO / Owner, USA Specialty Insurance, LLC
Stephanie Liu, Assistant Director, Utah Captive Insurance
Yubei Lu, Analyst/Regulator, Utah Captive Insurance
Travis Wegkamp, Captive Director, Utah Captive Insurance
Vidar Jorgensen, Chairman, Validation Institute
Timothy Varney, CEO, VarneyRE
Kevin Mead, Director, VCIA
Janice Valgoi, Director of Membership, VCIA
Christine Brown, Director - Captive Insurance, Vermont Dept. of Financial Regulation
Dan Petterson, Director of Captive Exams, Vermont DFR
Mark Roberts, Senior Vice President, Western Alliance Bank
Rich Evans, Audit Specialist, Westfield
Tom Wilkinson, President, Wilkinson & Co.
David Gearhart, Chairman and CEO , Wilmington Holdings Corp
David Gearhart, Chairman and CEO, Wilmington Holdings Corporation
Clifford Thompson, Director, Wilmington Holdings Corporation
Ross Ellick, Partner, Wilson Elser
Lori Semlies, Attorney, Wilson Elser
Jeffrey Simpson, Partner, Womble Bond Dickinson (US) LLP
Brian Thomas, Associate, Womble Bond Dickinson (US) LLP
Tatyana  Dunagan, insurance Administrator, Xcel Energy
Geoffrey Rossi, Director of Operations, Yousif Capital Management
Kevin Yousif, President, Yousif Capital Management
Kimberley Gulakowski, Regional Manager - Property Risk Engineering, Zurich
Andy Zoller, Head of International & Captive Solutions USNA, Zurich
Patrick Keijman, Regional Distribution & Customer Manager, Zurich Global Employee Benefits Solutions
Felipe Chacon, Americas Regional Distribution Manager, Zurich Insurance
Felipe  Chacon, Americas Regional Distribution Manager, Zurich North America
Kay Eisenstein, VP-Captive & Reinsurance Manager, Zurich North America
Brian McDevitt, AVP, Captives Reinsurance Analyst, Zurich North America
Adriana Scherzinger, Head of Captives Sales & Execution, U.S. National , Zurich North America
Mary Vienneau, Risk Engineering Director, Captives, Programs, Zurich North America
Robin Kemper, Sr. Risk Engineer, Zurich Resilience Solutions
Jennifer Walker, Regional VP Property Risk Engineering, Zurich Resilience Solutions