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Current Issue

Risk Perspectives

  • Chubb claim story: Corvettes in a sinkhole!

    By Regis Coccia


    When a sinkhole swallows valuable assets, you want a responsive insurer with an expert claims team. That’s exactly what the National Corvette Museum got from Chubb. See how Chubb’s craftsmanship recovered the cars and preserved the museum’s future.

  • Managing risks in aging services

    By Bruce W. Dmytrow


    The aging services industry is confronted with numerous risks that affect residents and business operations. Learn more about CNA’ Aging Service and National Programs.

  • B2B options in the sharing economy are growing

    By David Blessing


    Businesses have greater opportunities to use vendors in the sharing economy, from ridesharing to deliveries to on-demand professional services, and reap the rewards of lower costs. But risks accompany the opportunities, and businesses are advised to consider those carefully. In a Business Insurance Risk Perspective, Liberty Mutual offers tips on how balance the advantages of the sharing economy with the range of risks that can arise.

  • Strategic cyber risk insights

    By Regis Coccia


    Cyber risk is becoming bigger and more volatile, for organizations of all sizes and across all industries. To determine the impact of recent cyber events, JLT and Business Insurance has launched a website dedicated to exploring the strategic elements of managing cyber risk.